The Practice of Medicine at its Finest

Unipathic Medicine is a revolutionary medical association seeking to transform the landscape of healthcare. Our goal is to give patients the best options possible in the treatment of cancer and chronic disease, the prevention of disease, and the extension of life. Focusing on bringing true integrative medical care to regular people, we have created this diagnostic and treatment methodology to allow more people access to personalized and precise medicine. Unipathic was created using peer-reviewed medical science and decades of experience from a dedicated team of physicians from both the conventional and naturopathic fields. This unique interaction has allowed for the development of medical techniques not seen anywhere else covering genomics, molecular profiling, in-depth diagnostics and more. We’re seeking to create a new gold standard in healthcare to show the world how the practice of medicine can be. We have come through many years of regulatory hurdles and growing pains but are delighted to be able to present to you the fruits of years of research and development. We believe our Unipathic association will be able to help doctors and patients achieve the outcomes they have been looking for.

Why Unipathic Medicine Is Needed

The word “Unipathic” was created out of great necessity in the medical community and the general public. Over time, words like “alternative” and “integrative” medicine have lost nearly all meaning. There was never any regulation over the use of language which allowed unscrupulous enterprises to attempt to peddle their wares by any means they could. The lack of quality control had certain inevitable results with unscientific procedures such as acupuncture and Reiki popping up under the title of “Alternative” medicine. Some attempted to differentiate themselves through use of the term “integrative” medicine, but soon that word was also highjacked by the same hucksters. Currently, the entire field of healthcare outside the protected realm of strict conventional care is left impoverished by unconstrained, unmonitored labels and outsized claims. How is the average consumer supposed to sift through the quagmire for treatments which might actually help them? Most people can’t be bothered to do that much research in the first place. That is why we decided that a new label altogether was needed: “Unipatic Medicine” The unification of natural medicine with standard care to create something entirely new and better.

Unipathic For Chronic Diseases and Cancer

Another reason that Unipathic Medicine is desperately needed is patients today need targeted and personalized medicine to achieve better outcomes. It is becoming better known that cancer is not just one disease, it is many, and along that vein, we ought to realize that no two diseases are identical because people are not identical. However, despite the need, actual personalized medicine still eludes most conventional and integrative healthcare providers. In a similar way the words ‘alternative’ and ‘integrative’ went, ‘personalized’ medicine is also becoming somewhat diluted. Today, conventional medical clinics will sometimes utilize genetic testing or search for therapeutic targets, but only as a last resort. The conventional model offers standardized care to everyone with a ‘one size fits all’ approach first and foremost. This is not a correct approach to medical care because time is wasted in treatment while the disease is allowed to grow worse or spread. So far, it has been apparent that red tape and moneyed interests have been stymying the advancement of medicine. Unipathic Medicine is here to cut through that and offer new tools to doctors currently too tied up and held back to help their patients properly.

True integrative medicine should combine only the most effective, targeted treatments backed by science with a core philosophy of personalizing care for each patient. We aim to take in a variety of factors which may be relevant to the patient’s condition and the underlying causes of their disease. We look at genetic pathways, metabolic markers, the immune system function, environmental factors, chronic infections, and endocrine imbalances just to start! We believe doctors should be empowered with the knowledge behind the techniques they’re using and have a toolbox filled with critical procedures like advanced IV care. Medical science continues its slow grind of advancement, but every day in the patients’ rooms, we see that we can do even more!

Like Minded Doctors Supporting Each Other

The term “Unipathic Medicine” was created to unify all doctors regardless of their training under one unified umbrella of advanced personalized integrative IV medicine. Imagine having a medical conference filled with brilliant minds but curated for your time and always available at your fingertips. You’ll be joining a big family of IV integrative doctors with the collective goal of offering better healthcare to the world. And of course, we are always working hard to add new classes and make sure all information is as accurate as possible. Our commitment is to help you help your patients while growing a successful integrative medical practice. Some day in the future, what we call integrative medicine now will become just another part of general medicine, and then we will know patients will have a greater access to life extending and lifesaving care.

Unipathic Medicine Lifting Doctors Up

Integrative medicine succeeds and grows because you succeed and grow. Unipathic Medicine is working to help your medical practice succeed and provide advanced integrative care to your patients who need it. Whether you practice naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, orthomolecular medicine, or any other form of medicine, you can form your own customized treatments for your patients using our educational content to help you. Once you understand a treatment along with its mechanisms of action and various diagnostic tools, you can implement personalized care as you see fit. It is our goal to provide you the tools and training necessary to design advanced medical treatment plans for your patients while putting the correct business practices in action.

Disclosure: Vertisis Sponsors of the Unipathic Platform

Does Unipathic Medicine have a bias towards using Vertisis Custom Pharmacy products? Yes, we do, however, we have good reasons for doing so. Not all custom pharmacies produce products where every batch is tested for sterility and stability. Quality matters, and Vertisis is a highly specialized pharmacy tailored just for these integrative IV products and the integrative doctor. However, you don’t have to use Vertisis. If you choose to use another pharmacy, the education in these modules is still applicable. There are a few special advantages when you utilize Vertisis Custom Pharmacy, though.

When you order from Vertisis, we provide a discounted membership to the Unipathic association. And by Vertisis to supply the drugs for your patients, it helps us to subsidize the Unipathic association. Bear in mind that some specialty products are only compounded by Vertisis because due to our specialized approach to medicine as well. As you will read in the full disclaimer, Vertisis Custom Pharmacy, Unipathic Medicine, and Envita Medical Center are all under the same ownership and team. We think this gives us a huge advantage in teaching and providing answers from a real clinical perspective. In addition, all users of Vertisis Custom Pharmacy get cooperative price discounts every week. These discounts are offered to all those who use the pharmacy to help lower costs for doctors and their patients alike.

Unipathic doctors ensure that each patient is provided with the latest technologies, innovations, and diagnostics from around the world from a variety of medical disciplines, and that those treatments are administered in a quality-controlled, synergistic, and unified manner. Welcome to our educational community sponsored by unipathicmedicine Custom Compounding Pharmacy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We want to wish you all the best success in healing your patients. Contact us with any question you may have we are happy to help.